Why do you do this to me? 

1. I’m deadly allergic to peanuts 

2. My favourite tv-series of all time is “Friends” 

3. I rarely wear makeup, because I’d rather sleep 10 minutes longer and I just really can’t be bothered

4. I hate leopard print on clothes. I just can’t deal. Unless you’re.. yeah no, no one can pull that off. No. Stop. Go away.

5. I have rewritten the spider pig song from the simpsons to be about cheese doodles and I’m constantly singing it. I hate cheese doodles. Hate. 

6. I do not have my ears pierced. 

7. I love snow.

8. Sarcasm is my only weapon of defence.

9. I really wish Orlando Bloom would go back to his “Legolas” look and stay that way. Forever. 

10. I have a love/hate relationship with “High School Musical”. 


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